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The Pull

You pull me. You PULL me. Or maybe it's love creating the force. But I feel the tug whenever I need it most. Like a little hand moving me to a different direction, I feel you. I feel you when I am alone, thinking about the hole that's left from when you left. I feel you when I'm lonely, and your spirit provides comfort. "This way, mama" says the pull, and I am moved. "Come here", you quietly whisper, and we are at the beach throwing rocks and speaking your name. "Go there" we hear, and we are driving to our special spot in Seattle in hopes that it will make our hearts feel better. "Stay here", you tell me, and I do. I sit with you in my heart and think about all the parts I remember. Your sparkling blue eyes. Your huge smile, your unforgettable baby laugh. I still can't believe you were here and then you were gone.  I have felt the pull a little more forcefully in the past few weeks. Your brother and I went to visit your

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